More stuff coming soon!!

I play videogames live for charity! Our next event is Extra Life is tentatively scheduled for the first weekend of October, 2017! You can add me to your watch/buddy list on twitch! My ID is jentherose

I'm also a guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, and love to play videogame music. I was very lucky to have been part of Spectrum of Mana: A Secret of Mana Tribute Album, which is free to download digitally. Find my three tracks on:
1. disc 1 credited with Jen Rose and the Jentlemen,
2. disc 2 credited with The Second Story, and
3. disc 2 credited as myself.

You can see some of my guitar videos on youtube, as well as some vgm concert footage [and other random videos I may film] - my id is jentherose.

I also have a music Facebook page at Jen The Rose where I'll be posting my music projects and news. If I have any kind of shows lined up, this would be the first place to check.

You can follow me on twitter and instagram as @jentherose.

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